MFHS Mindfulness Meditation is-

It's a meditation method that recognizes what's happening in the body and mind in the present moment without going through the lens of thought.

Mindfulness is to see things as they are without distortion, such as adding or subtracting them. To restore human nature from thoughts, emotions, and five senses, intensive and insight meditation based on mindfulness meditation are shared.

MFHS Mindfulness Meditation Effect

The program of our center can achieve more groundbreaking effects by separating the body, thoughts, and mind, and healing them.

Through Thera-move(Moving Therapy Meditation, created by MFHS), sitting meditation, and cognitive meditation, we seek healing in which the energy of negative thoughts and emotions is purified into clean energy within ourselves. Through this, we face our purified true selves and have a beautiful everyday life.

Here, and now-

Meditate on MFHS.

MFHS stands for Mindfulness Healing Spirituality, and it is a meditation method that seeks to heal to correct the balance between the body and mind by utilizing various techniques of meditation.


MFHS Mindfulness Meditation is a way to fill the clearness. The endlessly filled clear water has the power to purify any murky things.

The same goes for the mind.

The energy of many negative thoughts and emotions can be purified by filling up clear energy through meditation.

Think Deeply.

MFHS Mindfulness Meditation develops the power to think deeply and think integrally. Our brains don't think much deeper than we thought. There are many such cases when we can't think three-dimensionally just by looking at one side.


Meditation helps to develop the power to see issues as they are and think deeply, enabling integrated thinking.


MFHS Mindfulness Meditation changes perspective.

It's no exaggeration to say that life is a series of problems. And when there's a problem, our eyes often go outward. But life and the world from your point of view are usually subjective.

Stop looking outward and bring attention to yourself. You can experience a significant reduction in the pain of life just by switching your outward gaze to your inner self.

MFHS makes us look at ourselves in a positive light. Looking back on what your actions and feelings were like at that moment, we pursue our happiness and growth.


MFHS Mindfulness Meditation goes along with the true self.

In the true self, a wise nature inherent in humans, there is true wisdom beyond the errors of transcendent nature and limited ego experiences.

Immerse yourself in the pure light of divinity, the true self. We go beyond the turbulence of the world and accompany the wise, wise, benevolent, and happy true self. Our meditation is always with the true self for these valuable lives.

We are here to help